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Monthly Camping - 6 Reasons Why You Need To Book Now

Have you ever thought about booking an extended stay at a campground? Or maybe even camping month to month? Well, you've come to the right place! At Jellystone Park™ Waller, we offer extended stays for our monthly campers that include great benefits and perks! Check out the top 6 reasons why you should try long term camping at our Camp-Resort.

When you stay long term at our RV Camp-Resort, experience cheaper rates!

Cheaper Rates

Perhaps the top reason why you should book a long term stay at a monthly campground is due to the cheaper rates. Since kids are back in school and the temperature is getting cooler, many campgrounds, like Jellystone Park™ Waller, lower their rates to accommodate for this. If you're looking to book a monthly RV site, you can enjoy rates as low as $542/month. Monthly cabin rentals run as low as $1,496/month. You can view the rest of our monthly rates here.

One of the many advantages of long term camping in Texas is the great weather!

Extended Vacation in the Warmth

If you're a Texas native, you'll enjoy the winter months under the warm, Texas sun - but it won't be too hot like summertime! For those escaping from colder states, this extended stay will be the vacation you need. Say goodbye to below zero temperatures and say hello to 65-70 degree days!

Celebrate your favorite holidays during your extended stay at our Camp-Resort!

Themed Weekend Events

The fun never ends at Jellystone Park™! If you book a monthly stay in November 2022, you can choose from All-Stars & Athletes Weekends, Friendsgiving Week, or Thanksgiving Weekend. December 2022 stays include Holiday Cheer Weekends and Holiday Cheer Week, with January 2023 wrapping up with Farewell 2022 themes! Although we are still finalizing our 2023 activity schedule starting in mid January, you can expect tons of themed activities planned during the weekends! Did we mention that most of the activities are included in your stay?! Check out our planned themes here.


Choose extended stays at our Camp-Resort and choose from a variety of cabins!

Variety of Cabins/Campsites to Choose From

Whether you're looking for extended stay RV parks with lots of options, or a long term campground with luxury cabin rentals, Jellystone Park™ Waller has something that will satisfy everyone's needs!

Monthly RV Sites

If you're looking to book a long term RV site, you've come to the right place. Our Premium Pull-Thru RV Sites include a full hook-up, picnic table, fire ring, all in a spacious setting.

Monthly Cabin Rentals

Monthly campers can also choose from a variety of cabin rentals! Pick from 2 cabin types including our Yogi Bear™ in the Pines Cabins or Village Bear Cabins. All of these cabin types include a full bathroom as well as a kitchenette or kitchen. Some cabins even include private bedrooms and large porches for extra privacy!


Become a Winter Texan and be a part of tight-knit community!

Winter Texans

Another benefit of monthly camping at Jellystone Park™ Waller is due to our amazing Winter Texan community. These guests come to our Camp-Resort every year to enjoy quality relaxation time while connecting with other Winter Texans. This option is great for those who are looking to become part of a tight-knit community!


Long term camping is the perfect time to meet new friends!

Meet New Friends

Last but not least, becoming a monthly camper is a great way to meet new people and hopefully new friendships! All of our extended stay guests are looking for a relaxing vacation in the Texas warmth. Take in this opportunity by stopping by each other's cabin or campsite and spark up a conversation. Who knows where it may lead!


As you can see, there's many benefits to becoming a monthly camper at Jellystone Park™ Waller. From the cheap monthly rates and planned themed activities, to the variety of cabin and campsite options we have to offer, long term camping is a great option for all who love the great outdoors! If you're ready to book your monthly stay or would like more information, please give us a call at (979) 826-4111.